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Live, In-Person Auction

Saturday, January 6th
10am Central

This is a LIVE, IN-PERSON AUCTION with ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE. Online bidding will be available now and during the live auciton on Saturday January 6th. The live auction begins at 10am Central on the 6th.


FIREARMS: Browning BPS 12ga; Browning Lightning Trap Superposed 12ga; Browning BAR .22 Automatic; Browning BT-99 Trap 12ga; Browning .270; Winchester Model 12 Trap 12ga; Winchester Model 12 Trap 12ga; Mauser 98 6.5-06; Browning Lightning Trap 12ga; Browning 2000 Trap 12ga; Browning Model 78 .22-250; Remington Model 03-A3; Colt Diamondback .22LR; Colt Model 1911-A1 US Army; Smith & Wesson Model 78G; Browning .22LR Rifle; Browning A5 Light Twelve 12ga; Hi-Point Model JHP .45ACP; Browning .22LR Rifle; Browning Broadway Trap 12ga; Winchester .22-250; Savage Anschutz .22LR; Ruger Air Hawk; Remington Targetmaster Model 510 .22; Pumpmaster Pellet Gun; Thompson Center Super 16 .256Win’ Savage Model 220A 20ga; Browning Twelvette 12ga; Browning Over-Under Trap 12ga; Browning A5 Light Twelve 12ga; Browning BPR .22; Colt Diamondback .22; Mauser Model 98 .243Win; Browning Light 12 12ga; Browning BT-99 Trap 12ga; Colt Python .357; Browning .22LR Target Pistol; Browning Mauser .30-06; Winchester Model 54 .22Hornet; Browning Double Barrel 12ga; Savage Model 1917 .32; Smith & Wesson Airweight .38spl; H&R Vest Pocket Self Cocker; Smith & Wesson .38S&W Revolver; Stevens Model 311E 12ga; Remington Sportsman 12ga; Remington Model 61 .22LR; Crosman Pellet Gun; Mossberg 44US .22LR; Winchester Model 12 16ga; Remington Model 550-1 .22; Stevens 16ga Double Barrel; Nitro King 12ga Single Shot; Stevens Model 235 12ga Double Barrel; Remington .22 Lever Action; Daisy-Heddon Model 30-30 BB Gun; H&R Model 700 .22WMRF; Pardner 20ga Single Shot; Glenfield Model 75 .22LR; Wards Western Field Model 30-SB562A; Savage Model 29B .22; Witte Hardware Co. XL .22; Revelation Model 350A .410; Stevens Model 235 12ga Double Barrel; Marlin Model 336 .30-30 Win; Remington Scoremaster Model 511 .22; Ranger Model 35 .22; Sears Model 101.100 12ga; Marlin Model 97 .22; Remington Targetmaster Model 41 .22; Browning BPS NWTF 12ga

KNIVES, AMMO, ETC.: US R.I.A. 1906 bayonet; Schrade-Walder bowie hunter knife; Utica USM4 bayonet; tomahawks; 7.62x39mm; .22LR; 16ga; 12ga; binoculars; cases; Sentinel 8 gun safe; BSA R4x15 scope; .22L; .38spl; .22L rifle shot; .32Auto; Case knives; Schrade knives; misc. knives; Browning A5 barrel; & MUCH MORE!



Friday January 5th

2pm to 6pm Central



OR:  -  Auctioneer Id 3674

OR: our Facebook page


TERMS: Cash or check with proper identification required day of sale. VISA and Mastercard accepted. All items sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS”. 12% buyer’s premium charged for all online bidding. No buyer’s premium charged for in-person bidding. Not responsible for thefts or accidents. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over written material. Food will be served. Restrooms available. All online bidders subject to approval by Knowles Auction Service.

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