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Hamill Collection Auction

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024
10am Central

This is a LIVE, IN-PERSON AUCTION with ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE. Online bidding will be available now and during the live auction on Saturday March 23rd. The live auction begins at 10am Central on the 23rd.


The Late Belinda Hamill

FIREARMS, BB GUNS, & CAP GUNS: Springfield Model 53A .22; Victor Ejector 12ga single-shot; Tika M695 .30-06; Zabala Hermanos S.R.C. 12ga double barrel; High Standard Flit King Deluxe Model K-2800 28ga; Marlin Model 60 .22; Wards Western Field 04M-716A .410ga; Armi San Marco Wildfowler 10ga; Winchester Model 255 .22Win.Mag.; Belgian Flobert .32 rimfire parlor gun; Winchester Model 100 .308Win; Browning BPS 20ga; Beretta Model 948 .22; Pietta .44cal revolver; Eureka .32 revolver; American Arms Co. .32 revolver; Rossi .357Mag; Arminius HW3 .32; Ruger Super Redhawk .44Mag; Daisy Model 95; Daisy Model 106; Daisy Model 1894; Daisy Red Ryder Carbine; Hubley horse head toy pistol; Kilgore Six Shooter cap gun; 25 Jr. cap gun; Wyandotte Lone Ranger cap gun; Texan cap gun; Echo cap gun; Buffalo Bill cap gun; Lone Eagle cap gun; Roy Rogers cap gun; Alan Ladd cap gun; Stevens Repeater cap gun

KNIVES, SWORDS, & RAZORS: homemade swords; Bavarian Officer’s sword; Knights Templar swords; German bowie knife; Schrade 150yrs of the Grand Army of the Republic knife; US Model 1917; Kabar 1207; G.C. Co. 372 bowie; Sabre Monarch 152 bowie; Temperite No. 25 razor; Western W39; Puma 6396; Simmons Hardware No. 8 special razor; Keen Kutter razors; Wildcat 15x; Sabre Monarch 101; Welkut knife w/ sheath; Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware razor; G.C. Co. 437; Camillus 10; German hoof handle knife; Remington RH-50 w/ Boy Scouts sheath; Western Buckmasters knives; homemade Damascus knives; Case Bowie Millennium 2000 limited edition; Argentine 1891 bayonet; Powr-Kraft 84-1; US mess kit knife; Case 523-3; Keen Kutter 771; Bear MGC 275 & 575D hunters; Camillus spike knife; Schrade 153UH; Schrade Uncle Henry knives; Schrade Old Timer knives; Buck 121; Case 3207; Case 3318; Remington RH29; Knifemakers Choice No. 860; Western 640; Case 3468; Case 31048; Case 6333; Case 22087; Remington Boy Scout knives; Winchester 3874; Buck 382; Camillus 41; Ulster Boy Scout knives; Keen Kutter K980; Case 6347; Imperial Boy Scout knives; Keen Kutter 879; Case 6344; Remington R5643; Colonial hobo knives; Case 3220; Keen Kutter 768; Keen Kutter K02220 Office Knife; Remington R6499; Remington R7853; Remington 7945; Remington R7385; Remington R2073

RINGS & COINS: lady’s 14k ring w/ sapphires & diamonds; lady’s 14k ring w/ diamonds; lady’s 18k ring w/ diamonds; (2) 14k rings; 24 Peace Dollars; 43 Morgan Dollars; 112 Silver Eagles; Eisenhower Dollars; 1000+ Wheat Pennies; Susan B. Anthony Dollars; 1896 Mexican 8 Reales; $5 Silver Certificates; US Vintage Coin Set; silver quarters; silver dimes; 1851 Large Cent; 1/10oz American Gold Eagle; 1829 Large Cent; Canadian Large Cents; proof & mint sets; Walking Liberty Half Dollars; Franklin Half Dollars; Kennedy Half Dollars; Buffalo Nickels; V Nickels; 1868 Shield Nickel; 1858 Flying Eagle Penny; Indian Head Pennies; 1876 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

TOOLS & COLLECTIBLES: Keen Kutter hammer; Keen Kutter level; Keen Kutter can opener; advertising bullet pencils; Keen Kutter screwdriver; Anderson & Forrester ratchet; Keen Kutter tack pry bar; Keen Kutter cobblers hammer; several Zippo & other lighters; Keen Kutter chisel; New York Standard New Era 7j pocket watch; Keen Kutter cutlery set; Elgin 17j pocket watch; Keen Kutter scissors; Keen Kutter pliers; Hunter wind-up clock; Firestone wood plane; Ampco W-73 12” brass wrench; Plumb Girl Scouts hatchet; Waltham 15j pocket watch; Stanley compass; Keen Kutter draw knife; Belt RR & Stockyard Co. badge; padlocks; Champagne Velvet bottle opener; Tasco Cub Scout binoculars; Keen Kutter keys; powder horns; Keen Kutter watch fob; Union Pacific RR Police badge; Stanley Handyman plane; spurs; sterling silver spoons; bottle openers; shoe hooks; & MUCH MORE!!!



Friday March 22nd

2pm to 6pm Central



OR:  -  Auctioneer ID 3674

OR: our Facebook page


TERMS: Cash or check with proper identification required day of sale. VISA and Mastercard accepted. All items sold "AS-IS, WHERE-IS". 12% buyer's premium charged for all online bidding. No buyer's premium charged for in-person bidding. Not responsible for thefts or accidents. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over written material. Food will be served. Restrooms available. All online bidders subject to approval by Knowles Auction Service.

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